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CBD Oil and True Cellular Detox™ are providing incredible health breakthroughs to millions of people around the world.  We have observed, and the science is showing potential improvement in many disorders, such as:
* Anxiety     *PTSD     * Autism      * Sleep Disorders    * Epilepsy
* IBS    * Blood Sugar Issues     * Chronic Pain   * Alzheimer’s Disease      
* General Inflammation   * Neuropathy   * Neurodegenerative Disorders  *And More

Dr. Melissa Arnold - Inspired Leader for Cellular Healing & Wellness:

Dr. Melissa Arnold

Dr. Melissa Arnold is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner with 20+ years experience in the health care industry.

After over a decade of a personal healing journey that took her all over the country costing tens of thousands of dollars to find answers, she was divinely guided to both the place of her healing and a new opportunity. 

Dr. Melissa worked for 9 years in one of the Largest Functional Integrative Facilities in the South East in Atlanta, GA. Here she  trained with highly sought after Functional Medicine Physicians and utilized the most cutting edge functional nutrition and detoxification programs available, not only for her own healing but worked with thousands of patients from all over the world to who'd come to the center to heal.

Over the years Dr. Melissa has additionally worked with various professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, PGA and MLB, as well as people in the film industry, including actors and professional stunt persons.  But teaching the principles of health and healing for families is a top priority in her practice.
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